miscellaneous monday {i mean friday}

This may very well be the most RANDOM post I have ever done, so please do your best to follow along. :)  Let’s just say I gain my inspiration from my pal Betsy, who can pull off a random blog post like an eloquent diary entry…..

First up, did you see the Grey’s Anatomy Finale last night?  To be honest I don’t watch the show (withhold stone throwing please), but I hear that one of my favorite singer’s {Greg Laswell} wrote a new single for the show, and it debuted last night!  Did you hear it??

By the way, we have been asked about the music on our new Senior site (shown below), and Greg is who sings the first song.

So, go GREG!  Can’t wait to hear the new stuff, and see you in Columbus in July!


Next up…I have had some inquiries about Spring sessions, and frankly WE BE BOOKED.  If you are thinking you want a summer session or early Fall, let us know ASAP!!  We are filling up quickly.  We are full through the summer, with a few days left in August, so GET A MOVE ON!!  I always have this extreme guilt when I can’t finagle people into the schedule, so please LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SCHEDULE A SESSION!  Please, and thanks. :)

Now personal randomness!  (I warned you about this post…..)

We went in April to Kings Island Amusement Park for Brett’s company picnic.  We LOVE doing this and were so looking forward to it this year, but it turned out to be a cold and rainy day. BOO.


We tried to stay on the bright side (free Starbucks, Ice Cream, and various other junk helped).


The look of sheer joy was continuous on my face.




Here’s Brett and Priya on some lame ride….P has a weird fear of anything outside of kiddie land.


Adin on the other hand is NOT afraid.  This photo made me laugh, so I decide do crop in so you could see Brett and Adin’s faces!! :)


Later in April we went to see Ray Lamontagne in concert.  Another singer who I ADORE.  His music and voice are beyond goodness.  So yeah, I bought tickets for Brett’s birthday to go….wasn’t that so sweet of me? :)  Haaaa. ;-)  Anything for my Brett.


We sat pretty far back and it was completely dark except for the stage….our Canon 5D Mark II (with 85 1.8) did a fab job.  Brett took these full raw size because he knew I would be cropping in, and WOW.  That camera amazes me to no end.


Wonderful show….I have a new theory that he is the only person I have heard live that is actually BETTER than recorded.  His raw, soulful sound is just a little lost in production.  Just a little.


Another day recently my friend Renee stopped by to show us her new bike.  Adin decided to go for a ride.


Gabe fell asleep in the car one day which he NEVER does, so I took a photo of all my babies together. :)  It has been a while since I had a shot of the 4 of them.

Check out those adorable bubbly lips!


And this week….

Kids have been sick, and Gabe is in the midst of the bad stuff as I type.  I took these yesterday and he just sat perfectly still, and stared.  He feels horrible. :(

(But he is still precious.)



I said, “Are you tired baby?”  And he laid down.



So there is a little catch up on the randomness of our life.  We are scheduled to have our “Mother’s Day” with my family this weekend because we had to cancel last weekend due to illness.  We are hoping everyone feels better soon.  *hoping*

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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May 15, 2009 - 12:20 pm

alyssa - aww…love this post!

May 15, 2009 - 5:14 pm

Gail - I’m so jealous of the Ray LaMontagne experience! The next time I’m in Indy, I am DEFINITELY going!

And I am LOVING the sound of your friend Greg! Is his stuff on iTunes? That video was so fresh. I think my favorite part is their choreography with orange soda bottles in hand.

PS – Your family is adorable.

May 15, 2009 - 9:07 pm

wrecklessgirl - i am in love with your family. will your entire family marry me? i promise to love you until death do i part!!! :) i want to kiss those bubbly little lips and squeeze his lil cheeks!

May 16, 2009 - 12:27 pm

Lauren - Great photos from the concert guys! Good one of the kiddies in the car, too :)

May 16, 2009 - 9:08 pm

holly - booked?! noooooo :( i am really sad now.

May 17, 2009 - 1:20 am

lucy - there is just soooo many things that i love in this post…thank you for sharing…i love you!

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