asher {six months} + his family.

I love this sweet little family!  Not only are they good friends, but they have been long time supporters of studio3z, and for that, we are so incredibly thankful.   If they look a bit familiar, you may have seen them on the blog a few times…actually MANY times!  *hold on a minute….*  Ok, I just went and counted back to when they first started with us in 2006, and this was their 9th session with us!!!  (Thank you guys so much!)

Here are a few recent sessions:

Asher’s newborn session (which has one of my FAVORITE family photos I have ever taken!!)

Family when Asher was  in the belly

Meet Jessica and Michael….they have been making babies at warp speed, and with how flipping cute they are I don’t blame them!! :)  From oldest, to youngest we have Alayah, Jade, and sweet little Asher.

This shoot was mainly to focus on Asher, who is 6 months old now.  Of course we had to get his sisters and Mom and Dad in on the mix as well.  We had such a good time, and shot the whole thing in our backyard. :)

Mr. Smiley.  He is about the most precious little guy ever.


Holding Daddy’s hand….


This child is beyond BEAUTIFUL….I told Jess he is too pretty to be a boy. ;)


Standing up like a big boy!


And then with some help from Daddy.



Editing this photo, I realized you can see Brett taking this shot, with me dancing in the background- in his eyeball!!


He loved grabbing this grass. :)



Then Alayah and Jade jumped in!  Alayah is 4, and Jade is 2.



Sweet little family!!


Mama with her Asher boy!


He looks like such a big boy here- very independent.


I LOVE this!!

(Sorry Jess, tattoos are showing….but it is sooo them.)


Alayah had a laughing fit!


Love the pat on the head…. :)


Oh!  Let’s stick the baby in the rusty pot!  Of course!



Jade’s a sweetie.


At the end, they were jumping in the car to leave, and the sun decided to peak out as it set….I made Jess + Michael hop out, so I could grab a couple of the two of them. :)

Jess said, “Ok, make us look like all those cute couples on your blog!”

Jess, no need to “make” that happen.  You guys are adorable.


Here are some behind the scene shots- Brett was taking feet shots, like the one at the top of the blog.


I love how Jade is “turning” her brother’s head. :)


Even Priya took some shots!!  (I’m getting this family business started YOUNG!)


Jess and Michael, thanks again for allowing us to capture these beautiful times in your lives.  We love your little (but bigger than last year!) family. ;)  Can’t wait to watch your kiddies grow.

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July 24, 2009 - 4:57 pm

mel - adorable. just wanna say…MAMA- you look WAY too good after having 3 kids so close!! and especially one being 6mths!! inspiration! the laughing shot is my fav. :)

July 26, 2009 - 8:47 am

jess - thank you…. and thanks Jessi and Brett for capturing all of this. I really love these shots!!!!!! I love the one of Michael and myself and Bubby in the pot is too much!!! great stuff….

July 30, 2009 - 8:27 pm

Jenny - These pics melt my heart!

August 17, 2009 - 9:20 am

Chloe - Oh my, what a sweet little head!! He is absolutely gorgeous and really well captured. You can see his personality in these photos. What a cute one.

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