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Yearly Archives: 2010

a fond farewell to 2010….

What a year it has been….we had a great 2010!

I look at my life at this point and compare it to last year, and I honestly feel like a new person. This past year has been such a reflective and introspective one for me; a time of change- of reevaluation. In my constant search for BALANCE, I’m learning to view things with new eyes. I see growth- in my personal life, in our family, in our business. But I still see so many more goals that I want to accomplish…..(but much more on that later).

This morning we enjoyed a great breakfast as a family. We read the bible, and then Priya and I did some knitting. I also spent some time looking back at our year in photo sessions. Quickly, I grabbed a sampling from each shoot of 2010- minus a couple weddings that are still in the works….

Thank you to all the wonderful people that invited us into your lives for a moment. Each of you in turn gave something to us, and we truly feel honored to have documented bits and pieces of who you are.

xo~ jess + brett


4,383 days

105,192 hours

6,311,520 minutes

378,691,200 seconds

12 years

I can’t recall how many minutes were spent arguing, discussing, or planning.  I don’t know the exact amount of time we spent holding hands, or being apart.  Looking back over the last 12 years there is one thing I see; a wonderfully blessed life.

Time well spent.

Trial and error, joy and tears.

Time loving and growing along side one another.

Happy twelve years sweetheart.

chloe turns four

This little gal turned four the first week of December, and I was thrilled to capture some birthday portraits of her!  It has been a little while since I have seen her, and I was shocked at how much she had grown. You see, I have been photographing her since she was in her Mama’s belly, and I was even there when she was born.  Click HERE for a recap of some past sessions with her, although I think I missed THIS one too.  So even though I have a history with this sweet faced blondie, she didn’t really remember me when I saw her.  Instead, she had quite the serious face with me for a while.  But look at that face! What a DOLL!!

Towards the end of the session we went out to play in the snow and **SURPRISE** I got some SMILES!

Oh to be four!  A handful of snow to throw is all it takes to make life joyous! :)

happy birthday, evie mae {one year}

Just a little over a year ago, this sweetie pie girl was born to one of my dearest friends, Tracy. Evie is such a fun, outgoing, and smiley one year old.  She was melting my heart, (and making my ovaries hurt) with all her little gal cuteness!!

*serious heart explosions over here*

Then her big “bub” came home and she was so happy.

“Hi bub! Hi bub!”

And if that doesn’t make your Friday a little more smiley, I don’t know what possibly could. ;)