Gabriel {last day of two}

These are a few shots I grabbed the last morning my baby guy was two years old. :)  Two was a great year for him, and not terrible in the least!

Here’s hoping three goes just as smoothly!

This face looks more like he is 18.

He’s just not sure what to think about this birthday stuff ending….it was WAY too fun.


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June 11, 2010 - 11:24 am

betsy - Just a whole lotta sweetness you’ve got right there!

I hear you, nothing terrible about twos! : )

June 11, 2010 - 12:13 pm - love these…hadn’t seen them yet! that is my P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S Gavi. that smile is way too contagious :-D

June 11, 2010 - 10:54 pm

Tammy Staley - These are just so great! Love them :)

June 11, 2010 - 11:38 pm

lucy - is there any question that brett is his baba? um, NO! jess, he’s getting to be such a big boy. you sure you don’t wanna make another? they turn out so beautiful! i love you gabey…no matter how old you are.

June 13, 2010 - 11:15 am

Eliza - It’s amazing how much your boys look like each other! They are adorable.

June 15, 2010 - 9:02 pm

Maya Laurent - Oh my! He looks so big now!!! Sounds like and looks like he had a wonderful birthday.

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