spring painting

Spring weather and warm breezes tend to make mamas delusional.  At least this one. Having been so long since feeling the warmth of the sun, they start doing wacky things…..like sitting in the driveway with cushions to lay on with book in hand, letting the kids participate outdoors in the arts, physical ed, etc. part of schooling and put the more traditional schooling on hold for a feeeew minutes (ok, hours) to explore and play….pulling out nice watercolors, brushes, and paper for 3 year olds to go to town on.  Granted, his brothers and sister were riding bikes in the street which he is not allowed to do. Painting made his day and also made the tears go away!

He had to make sure to check on everybody’s bid-ness playing in the street.

Ahhh…nothing like the age when the kid starts doing the super cheesy awkward face when asked to smile.  Don’t lose that innocent, unaware smile Gavi! 

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March 23, 2011 - 12:06 pm

Natalia - Ever since Jason shared the link of your blog I like to take a look every once in a while… and every single time i think exactly the same: What a lovely family and these kids must be the most adorable kids n the USA!
Your photos are amazing, I love the ones I’ve seen and how you manage to capture a whole story ;)
Specially liking this one! I would hang up that painting n my wall!
Greetings from Mexico!

March 26, 2011 - 8:04 pm

Maya Laurent - He is so precious! Love the serious painter face with the hip hat.

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