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Category Archives: film

engagement at the farm {film}

I was so excited to receive these scans back as this was our first engagement session that we also shot with film.  You may remember Lauren and Ian’s engagement session in a recent post.  It was a brilliant summer evening and we had a great time with this couple out at the farm.

All images taken with our Contax 645 camera with Fuji Pro 400H film.


September 8, 2011 - 11:40 am

Betsy - UNREAL!!!! So love these!!!!! Oh girl, just love this shoot.

September 8, 2011 - 11:46 am

Yoda - Insanely talented. You are!

September 8, 2011 - 2:23 pm

Keaton - Phenomenal!! These are brilliant!! The colors of film are truly inspiring.

September 13, 2011 - 7:45 am

adam(3) - love.
who else has Yoda commenting on their blog…..the force is strong with you :)

September 14, 2011 - 6:35 pm

Caitlin Sullivan - Gorgeous!! Love that foggy look :)

February 8, 2018 - 11:09 am

Kombi Servisi - great images and wonderful words. thanks for sharing

pri·ya : fruit of God. {film}

our little girl is no longer little and almost no longer a girl.  she’s almost twelve, but the size of an adult.

we know this b/c her shoe size has now exceeded both mine and Jess’.  we know this b/c she has become rather mature and responsible.  we know this b/c she has become more selfless and caring about others, preferring others to herself, although we still have to remind her at times to prefer listening over speaking.  we know this b/c she is starting to have more of a mind of her own, that still needs lots of guidance.  she is very unique and quirky and we wouldn’t prefer it any other way.  we know this b/c we are also having to grow more with her and through our relationship with her.  she still hasn’t lost the innocent way that she views the world and those around her and we hope she never loses this sweet charm completely.

she is blossoming into the lovely fruit of God we had hoped she would become.

Ilford Delta 3200 BW, Contax 645

August 31, 2011 - 1:58 pm

Gabe - incredible. such a timeless portrait that will be cherished for generations. amazing!!

August 31, 2011 - 2:04 pm

Betsy - She’s precious. : ) So much like you!

August 31, 2011 - 3:34 pm

Gail - Ahhh…sweet Priya! I need to meet that girl! Maybe she can give me a cooking lesson in your new kitchen!!

August 31, 2011 - 9:18 pm

Ryan - Good stuff Brett. Love the way y’all love each other.

August 31, 2011 - 10:06 pm

lucy - how completely sweet. she is a beautiful girl…inside and out. love you pri.

September 1, 2011 - 5:45 am

meredith - This is ethereally beautiful.

September 1, 2011 - 10:06 am

Grandma Beth - MY Beautiful Grandaughter – inside and out! She is her Mama and Baba at the ‘same-time’. She is such-the-mom and such-the-sister for her brothers! Kisses and Hugs with Much Love to HER!

September 5, 2011 - 2:18 pm

None - alert(‘nice!’);

September 28, 2011 - 6:24 pm

Emilie - Stunning photo!!!

razors and ripsticks {film}

The boys have introduced us and the whole neighborhood to ripsticks.  It has made for endless summer fun and lots of scrapes and scratches.

Sometimes Gabe thinks he’s a super hero riding his razor around…

August 10, 2011 - 12:54 pm

Betsy - Awesome! Miles is so jealous!!!!!! Coolest kids on the block, for sure!!!

August 10, 2011 - 2:17 pm

Holly - i love these photos — film suits you two. however, the ribsticks make me incredibly nervous whenever i’m around. guess i’m chicken. ;) such cute photos though! especially gabey!

August 14, 2011 - 2:45 pm

Rachel B. - My daughter loves her razor but it doesn’t love her back. LOL! She has more scars from crashing that thing. We almost threw it away, but then, it is the only toy that she misses when we are away from home.

garage & bake sale {film}

it was a gloomy day for a garage and bake sale…

not many customers…

but the kids pleading and advertising tactics finally paid off.

Priya made some amazing baked goods that were a hit with the customers that did venture out.

it was a hard fought bake battle, but in the end Priya made some sales and there were plenty of scrumptious leftovers for all the hard workers;-)

July 13, 2011 - 1:29 pm

Betsy - The Kings were there in spirit. : ) Great job kids!!!

July 14, 2011 - 9:48 am

Suzi Lighten - I love it! First, I have to say I am green with envy – haha – love your grass!!! Don’t have much of that here in Vegas! Second, major kudos to the kiddos! The treats look scrumptious! :) Does Priya do mail-orders? ;)